You are guaranteed a logistics partner who is knowledgeable and confident with the experience to provide you with the right information to make informed decisions on how best to import or export your cargo, while fulfilling all statutory requirements.

Inland Transport




Our personal liability comes into play in many areas and with regard to many participants:

  • Customs, as the principal, with a financial guarantee of Duties and Taxes, which we advance.
  • Sub-contractors, as the contractor, by vouching for our choice.
  • Ports, while goods are stored on the quay, particularly in the case of sensitive products (hazardous or foodstuffs).
  • Banks, with whom we ensure financial resources for our clients.
  • Our Clients, of course, in our position as carriage Commissioning agent, with the associated obligation to achieve results.

Above and beyond the traditional responsibilities linked to our profession, SFS is committed to making a significant contribution to the success of your commercial operations:

  • By ensuring the satisfactory completion of our customers’ commercial contracts (Deadlines – Documentation – Chosen Resources).
  • By constantly informing our clients and keeping them up-to-date on the status of their merchandise.

But also:

  • By advising and orienting our clients before, during and after the operation (Insurance – Incidents – Disputes…).
  • By providing regulatory, economic and geopolitical monitoring.
  • By monitoring the competitiveness of the land and sea carriage offer.
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